Monday, 17 May 2010

Ghana, 10 months later

Hi there!

All well here in Ghana. Now entering my last month of my African experience. Time invariably bends and twists rapidly. I know I haven't been writing for a while but c'est la vie quoi.

A lot of things have happened and been done since last time. I've travelled a whole lot in Ghana and have had some great experiences involving motorbikes, shamans, trees, mountains, friends, illegal border crossings, bicycles, slave dungeons, nature, boiled jam, roof top journeys, sun sets, shrines, vehicle breakdowns, beer, wine, swimming, chaos and timelessness. I also went on a family holiday in Burkina Faso recently, a nice (small jet-setting) vacation indeed. My parents have been visiting, and so has a Flemish friend of mine who just today went back to Burkina Faso after we've done some travelling in Ghana's extraordinarily beautiful Volta Region.

I've also gotten more integrated in my village life outside of Accra and I will sure as the eternal flames that awaits the sinning me, miss my host family and the school kids when I leave in one month. You just can't help but to love the kids in Ghana, from the smallest upwards. My language motivation has come back small and now I can actually have a conversation with people (about normal things) in Twi. Always handy when for example negotiating prices or when generally bored in a tro-tro.

Accra, the capital, also feels more like a normal, less intimidating city nowadays. Sure, it's not a city you easily fall in love with but now I feel more able to just embrace the chaos and become one with it. Something that undoubtedly is very difficult in this sweaty, noisy, crowded, disorganized, smelly, dusty place. There are great spots here however. Areas with a lot of atmosphere or beer-drinking spots with beautiful views over the Atlantic Ocean. It just takes time and energy to find them ooo.

Well, as I mentioned before, I will go back to Sweden in one month. My plane will leave the 18th of June early in the morning and I hope to arrive in Munkfors 20-24 hours later. Hoping is the correct word in this context since last time I left Africa for Europe there were a lot of problems! Anyway, in Sweden I hope to eat kebabpizza, barbecued salmon, gratin dauphinois, elk, lingonberries, falukorv and tunnbrodsrullar med tonfisk and drink coffee, loka vichyvatten, snapps for midsommar, and milkshake with fresh berries.

Next chapter is not laid out yet but it will with 99% certitude involve earning money. Where, how, and when only the future knows!

Ok, that's a general update about my life. Swim easy as you put it in Swedish.

Ik heet Marcus en ik houd van avontuur.



Sarah said...

goed zo! nederlands! eindelijk!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Siempre es un gusto leer tu blog! Disfruta tu Ășltimo mes en Ghana! A bientot, bisou