Tuesday, 1 September 2009


11 days have passed since I left Sweden for Ghana. I arrived in Accra at 3am the 21th and got picked up at the airport by a friend of a friend. One hour of sleep on his couch and I was off to meet the other volunteers and go to the introduction camp a few hours east of Accra. We were 23 volunteers in total, who spent one week learning about Ghanaian culture, language and other things. We were taught a little Twi, the most widely spoken language in Ghana (except for English), which will come in handy during the year.

After camp we were sent to our different host families or projects. I was sent to my host family in New Legon, a small town about 2 hours with public transport from Accra (although the distance suggests otherwise). It is a very calm and friendly town. The only negative is that it is situated quite far from the city, which means that I probably will spend quite a lot of weekends in Accra. My host family consists of two parents and 5 of their children. Three boys and two girls with ages ranging from 20 to 28 years. The work placement (Larris Academy) is on the family property, just 10 meters away.

So what will I do in Ghana? Well, what I know is that I will work as a French teacher for kids up to and including Junior High School. Probably I will also assist the normal teachers in other subjects as well as helping children with their home work. However, schools will not open until the 15th of September, which means that I have some vacation. Part of this time I´ll spend getting to know Accra and probably swimming in the Atlantic in western Ghana. Good to rest up before the kids arrive!

More will be written in a while

À la prochaine!



Stralle said...

Later schysst med Ghana! I Ouagadougou oversvamning och grannars hus har rasat ihop

Martin Svenson said...

gött det marcus!

keep the posts coming, atleast until you've tried it and it wasn't for you ;)

Laurianne said...

French teatcher? I´m proud of you Marquito!
Espero que todo te va bien alli, espero ver noticias tuyas por aqui y a lo mejor unas fotos?
Un beso, take care...

Anonymous said...

You lucky bastard! :D
Che ve fem`y un cigarette ??:)
Kul att höra tt du har det bra !
// Stefan

Sarah said...

fin blogg, nu skrivaaaa!
hoppas du lyckas bättre med det än vad jag gör.


Ramin said...

Nice dude! Ser med spänning fram emot fler berättelser! Peace /ferm

Anonymous said...

French? not Chinese, ce suo zai na?