Friday, 27 November 2009


Long time no see (as usual)
What´s new?
- I’m suffering a serious lack of music
- I have trouble staying informed about what is happening in the world
- I LOVE to play football, and so does everyone else in Ghana
- 100 attempts to convert me to Christianity have taken place
- All have failed
- 50 attempts to disprove things in the Bible have taken place
- All have failed
- Exams are coming up in school, unfortunately many pupils will fail miserably
- I’m tired of rastas and their “respect”
- Harmattan (Sahara winds) is here, limiting my sight to a few kilometers and killing my eyes
- My wallet has been stolen two times
- One time I took it back
- I’ve been to seven of the ten regions in Ghana (although briefly)
- Ghana is very beautiful
- Ghanaians are very friendly
- They are not so polite
- My Twi is okay by now
- I have forgotten that books exist
- I’ve walked to the shore in Tema (7 hours)
- I really like the kids in school
- Some are really bright
- Others have huge problems
- My room is not very decorated, except for a huge poster of Didier Drogba
- In school I’m either called Monsieur or Mr/Sir Marcus
- I like it
- I’m lazy and eat too much
- Food in Ghana is absolutely delicious
- I use newspaper instead of toilet paper
- I don’t like to go to the toilet at night because of the cock-roaches
- They are big and disgusting
- My brother was here to visit me a week from Burkina Faso
- It took 30 hours to get here by bus
- We ate fufu and drank beer
- I won’t spend Christmas in Sweden for the first time in my life
- General knowledge amongst Ghanainas is quite limited
- Ghana will reach the quarter-finals in the World Cup and lose against Denmark
- Kebab pizza and real coffee are two things I miss
- There are 6 cats living on the school compound
- Micheal Essien is a semi-God in Ghana
- The school’s motto is “Service to mankind is service to God”
- Every Wednesday the students have worship for two hours
- Fridays we have Physical Education
- This means football, the obruni team (mine) against the obibini team.
- We have lost one game more than we have won
- I guess that’s all for now
- Yes Goyens, I know

See u later, and enjoy

/Mr. Marcus